Register for QScript

If you are an Ahpra-registered prescriber or dispenser of monitored medicines in Queensland in a profession eligible to access QScript, the Department of Health will email you an invitation to register for QScript when QScript is available.

If you are a health practitioner registered with Ahpra in more than one profession eligible to access QScript (e.g. you have Ahpra registration as both a pharmacist and medical practitioner or as a medical practitioner and dentist), you will need to register a separate QScript user account for each profession. You will need to nominate a different email address to use with each QScript user account.

Before accessing and using QScript, you must carefully read, and agree to the QScript Privacy Collection Notice for Health Practitioners and QScript Terms of Access and Use – Health Practitioners.

Before you register

QScript uses your Ahpra registration information to identify you. You should ensure that your details held by Ahpra are current.

Make sure you have:

  • Your Ahpra number.

  • A unique email address accessible only to you.

By default, QScript uses your email address held by Ahpra. If this address is shared by other practitioners at your organisation, you will need to enter an alternative email address during registration.