This section displays all correspondence generated from QScript and addressed to the practitioner.

Practitioners can view correspondence uploaded to their profile or addressed to them in relation to Approvals and QOTP episodes, plus general correspondence. For each line entry in Correspondence, a flag Read or Unread is displayed.

  • Only the primary prescriber can view correspondence related to a Patient Class Approval.

Search and view correspondence

  1. From the navigation menu, select Correspondence.

    Correspondence for this practitioner is displayed in the grid in reverse chronological order.

  2. Select calendar to display all the date filtering options.

    By default, the filter is set to display correspondence added in the last 90 days.

  3. Use the column header to sort, search and filter the list until you find the relevant entries.

  4. Select a row to open the attached document (and download it).

  5. Column


    Date of document

    For letters, displays the date the letter was created.

    Date added

    For all correspondence, displays the date the item was added.


    Displays the type of correspondence.

    • Inbound - Received by Queensland Health.

    • Outbound - Initiated by Queensland Health.

    Sender / recipient

    Categories of individual or organisations that are senders (Outbound) or recipients (Inbound) of correspondence.


    The filename of the correspondence item. Click to view or download.

    File extension

    The file type of the correspondence item.

    Read Read or unread.

Download a correspondence document

  • Select any item of correspondence in the list to view (or download) the document.

    Depending on your browser settings, the document may open in a new tab.