View Medication History

The medication history of each patient is sourced directly from the clinical system used by the prescriber or the dispenser.

Depending on the available information, the patient record can be the medication history, or their patient profile (with no medication history) or both (in which case, the medication history is shown first).

All information in the medication history record is read-only.

View a patient's Medication History

  1. In Patient Search Results, select a patient to open the relevant record and view Patient Details.

    The profile displays the patient's identifying details at the top, followed by a list of medications dispensed and prescribed.

    Medication history displays all medication events for this patient, including the date, the medicine details, the practitioners' details, the number of repeats dispensed (and prescribed) and the type of medication event (Prescribed or Dispensed).

    • Prescribed
    • Dispensed
    • Prescribed Cancelled
    • Dispensed Cancelled

    To display Prescribed Cancelled or Dispensed Cancelled events, select the relevant option under Event Type.

    Medication events are collapsed by default. Select an event to see its full details.

  2. If the patient has a profile in addition to their medication history, select Patient Profile.

    See View a Patient Profile

    From the patient profile, select Medications to return to the patient's medication history.