View Approvals and QOTP Episodes

Prescribers logged into the portal can view (but not edit) the details of Approvals and Queensland Opioid Treatment Program (QOTP) Episodes linked to their patients.

Approvals and QOTP Episodes grid

This grid shows your approvals and QOTP episodes.

Approvals: Only approvals with a status of granted are current and valid. You should click on an approval to view more details including the approval number and version.

QOTP episodes: An episode relates to a period of time that a patient is with a particular prescriber for treatment. A patient may have more than one episode during the time that they are registered on the program. You should click on an episode to view more details including the episode number.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Approvals and QOTP Episodes.

  2. (If required) Filter by Date Range.

    If no approval or episode is found, a message is displayed: There is no approval or QOTP episode for the date range selected.

  3. (If required) Apply additional filters to each column header.

  4. Select each column header to sort the column values (ascending, descending).

    Column Details
    Last Updated The date the approval or QOTP episode in QScript was last updated by a Queensland Health regulator user. By default, the most recently updated entries are at the top of the list.

    The name of the patient related to the Individual Patient Treatment Approval or QOTP Episode.

    For Patient Class Approvals, there is no associated patient name.

    • Individual Patient Treatment Approval

    • Patient Class Approval

    • Episode


    The current status of the approval or QOTP episode:

    Start Date
    • For approvals, the approval start date

    • For episodes, the date of the first dose

    End Date
    • For approvals, the approval end date

    • For episodes, the date of the last dose

    • For approvals, the medicine(s) covered by the approval

    • For episodes, this field is empty.


    For approvals, this field will be populated as follows:

    • Yes - this means there are one or more conditions on the approval.

    • No - there are no conditions on the approval.

    This field is blank for QOTP episodes.

View Approval details

Prescribers can only view approvals where they are nominated as prescriber (or primary prescriber for Patient Class Approvals). Click on an approval in the grid to view details.

View QOTP episode details

Click on an episode in the grid to view details.